well structureInsteel casings, branded as "i-casing", can be made available as per customer requirement. However 4", 6", 8", 10" casing are more popular in different thickness in plain end and / or slotted/ screened.

Casing advantages:-

1.Prevent Buckling of casing in deeper boreholes
2.Prevent contamination of fresh water well zones.
3.Prevent unstable upper formations from caving-in and sticking the drill string or forming large caverns.
4.Provide a strong upper foundation to use high-density drilling fluid to continue drilling deeper.
5.Isolate different zones (that may have different pressures or fluids known as zonal isolation) in the drilled formations from one another.
6.Seal off high pressure zones from surface, avoiding potential for a blowout.
7.Prevent fluid loss into or contamination of production zones.
8.Provides a smooth internal bore for installing production equipment.i-casing

Product Areas Of Application Features Benefits
icasing Borehole & Drilling Symmetrical slots Proper intake of water
Scale free surface Avoid cocking of pump and rust accumulation
Customised Lengths Reduce wastage and site handling is easy
ERW joint Ensures seamless joints
Metallic nature Application on rugged terrains, Reduces thermal effect

 I-Casing Applications



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