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Steel Solutions in Building and Construction

The most common steel type in construction is Mild Steel.  Mild steel composition is very popular due to its low price and great versatility across several applications and is often used when large quantities of steel are needed.  When it comes to construction, steel has the ability, like no other material, to change shape but also to boast potency and durability. One of the most preferred choices when it comes to construction is the structural steel type, as buildings require various structural frames in the construction process.


Mild Steel Hollow Sections.

Structural steel types are categorized by many shapes with compositional properties that allow them to be used for different types of construction.

  1. Circular Hollow sections – These have tubular cross sections and have a much higher resistance to torsion than tapered flange beams, for instance. The wall thickness is uniform everywhere, which makes this steel shape perfect for multi-axing loading applications. Additionally, the ductility properties of the steel enable it to be deformed under tensile stress, and hence preferable for fabrication (mainly used for fabrication of wheelbarrows and tent frames)
  2. Rectangular Hollow Sections – These are similar to circular hollow sections, with the main difference being the rectangular cross-section. Their flat surface makes them perfect for joining and metal fabrication, as well as mechanical and construction steel applications.
  3. Square Hollow Sections – This structural steel type, also known as “box sections”, is usually used for columns and posts. However, they are unsuitable for beams keeping in mind that their shapes are incredibly difficult to mould into different shapes.


Mild Steel Zed Purlins.

Zed Purlins are used for supporting roofing structures. Roofing contractors extensively use Zed Purlins in huge roofing solutions such as godowns, workshops, industrial sheds and many more. The greatest advantage is that they create a horizontal “diaphragm” that supports the weight of your building’s roof deck – whatever material you use for the roof itself. They also help make your entire roof structure more rigid.

Mild Steel Black Pipes.

Mild Steel Black pipes are high-strength pipes that have an iron oxide coating. They are mostly applicable in the construction infrastructure. Hence, its common uses are in the:

  1. a) Transport networks: steel is required for bridges, tunnels, rail tracks and in constructing buildings such as fueling stations, train stations, ports and airports. About 60% of the steel used in this application is as rebar and the rest is sections, plates and rail track.
  2. b) Utilities (fuel, water, power): over 50% of the steel used for this application is in underground pipelines to distribute water to and from housing, carriages, tanks and pressure vessels, nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric plants – all these applications benefit from the attributes of modern steels.


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