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On September 26, 2022, Insteel Limited celebrated three key milestones: 1,000,000 hours worked without Lost Time Injury (LTI), launch of a new slitting line and the opening of a revamped canteen.

The Safal Group CEO, Anders Lindgren and the MRM & Steel CEO, Manish Mehra were amongst other management staff and Insteel employees who participated in the milestones celebrations.

The management acknowledged the collective efforts by all employees in prioritizing safety and achieving 1,000,800 hours (695 days) worked without Lost Time Injury (LTI) previously on Thursday June 16, 2022; an excellent achievement demonstrating team work and commitment to incident- free operations in the workplace.

Mr. Anders Lindgren congratulated the team and challenged them to strive and achieve the next standard of 2,000,000 LTI free hours.

The second key milestone celebrated was launch of a new slitting mill. Insteel is known for its vast steel solutions which has generated immense demand for supply in the Eastern and Central parts of Africa. The new slitting line is set to meet the market’s demand as it provides a high level of production efficiency with improved electronics. These machines are able to slit 100 meters of steel per hour which is a huge improvement from the previous line. The new slitting line immediately commenced production.

The final and most important celebration was the opening of a revamped canteen. At Insteel, we care for our employees and are committed in cultivating an inclusive work environment where employees can enjoy their stay while at work.

Congratulations Insteel, cheers to more MILESTONES!